Offshore Activities in Oil & Gas Sector  
  The company's involvement with Offshore Projects dates back to 1983-84, when a substantial quantity of 180,000 Tons (287 Kms) of  Bare Pipes ranging up to 48" O.D. was transported /handled  by the  company  for  Oil and  Natural  Gas Corporation (ONGC)'s prestigious  South  Bassein/Hazira Pipeline  Project (SBHT Phase I)  in  record  time.  Since then company has secured several contracts involving Offshore Projects, which were executed to the entire satisfaction of ONGC and other clients.

The company also acts as Indian Associates/General Agents/Consultants/ Clearing Agents for M/s. National Petroleum Construction Co. (NPCC), Abu Dhabi for their Indian Offshore Projects for the last 20 years. During the aforesaid period, NPCC had executed various projects in Mumbai High with the active support from M/s. Arcadia Shipping Ltd. as their Indian Associates.

NPCC in consortium with M/s .Daewoo, South Korea had bagged contract from ONGC for the biggest Process Complex at Bombay High known as "SHG PROCESS COMPLEX" valued US$ 380 millions, out of which NPCC's scope of work exceeded more than US$ 120 Millions. Besides this, NPCC also was the Sub-Contractor of M/s. Larsen & Toubro (L&T) for their I-MNTW Project of ONGC in which NPCC's scope of work exceeded more than US$ 40 Millions. Besides the above, NPCC has completed successfully the Projects awarded to them by ONGC against ICB viz. ICP-Heera Trunk Line (128 Kms. of 28”/26” OD pipeline) Project, Replacement of 3 WI Pipelines Project, ZA Well Platforms Project, 4 Well Platforms & C – Series Project. These projects were executed in a record time to the entire satisfaction of ONGC, which has enhanced our reputation and prestige as a dependable Indian Associate. The Subcontracts of part of ONGC’s MUT Pipeline Project and D1 Well Platform Projects awarded to NPCC by M/s. Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd., South Korea and M/s. Engineers India Limited, India respectively which were also completed on time.

In its endeavour to enhance its active participation in the Offshore Industry and facilitate to undertake major Offshore Projects, M/s. Arcadia Shipping Ltd, in the year 1996, had acquired   major   share  holding  and management control of M/s Supreme  Offshore  Construction  &  Technical Services  Ltd, Mumbai, an offshore company well experienced in Offshore/Onshore Engineering  and Construction activities who have executed  many ONGC  Projects successfully either secured directly from ONGC  or through  main contractors viz. MDL, HSL, ESSAR, L&T, HHI, Valentine Maritime,  EIL, NPCC, etc. encompassing scope of work of Hook-up, Commissioning, Modification, Fabrication of Offshore Structures, etc.  Consequently, combination of Arcadia/Supreme was able to secure major projects of ONGC.  M/s. Supreme Offshore has executed one of the most important offshore projects of ONGC viz. Booster Compressor Platform Modification/Hook-up scope of work, which was awarded by M/s .Hyundai Heavy Industries Ltd (HHI), South Korea.

At present both the companies are controlled and headed by Mr.M.N.Shah in the capacity of Chairman. The combination of both the companies are planning to take off in a big way and develop totally indigenous capability to undertake much larger Offshore projects   to serve the critical sector of energy thereby contribute their mite to the national economy. Arcadia Shipping provides specialized Marine Spread & Logistic Support and Supreme Offshore carry out onshore fabrication & offshore installation work.

M/s. Arcadia Shipping Ltd. (ASL) are also now independently qualified for carrying out ONGC’s Hook up and Modification work. ASL had successfully carried out three major projects viz. Offshore Installation Work of ONGC’s B-121 temporary deck, Rehabilitation of EE Well Platform and WIS- SLQ Bridge Installation work of ONGC, which was subcontracted to ASL by M/s. Mazagon Dock Limited, Mumbai.

During the offshore campaign season of 2002-2003, M/s. Arcadia Shipping Limited had successfully completed a turnkey project of Maintenance Painting of 17 Nos. Unmanned Well Platforms through workboat based painting in Neelam and Heera Fields of ONGC for a total contract value of around 20 Crores.

We, in association with our associate company,  M/s. Supreme Offshore Constructions and Technical Services Ltd. have secured and completed many major subcontracts  including Existing Platforms Modifications under MHN&H Pipeline Project, Modification works of Sagar Lakshmi EPS for D1 Well-cum-Water Injection Platform Project of ONGC, Modification on existing platforms under 4 Well Platform & Modification on existing platforms under C – Series  Project which were awarded to by the Consortium of VMGL&VML, Abu Dhabi and M/s. Engineers India Limited, New Delhi and M/s. NPCC, Abu Dhabi, respectively.  The total subcontract value of these subcontracts is around US$ 25.00 Million.